I find that it is useful for my homepage to contain the links that I use often. The front page is a quick menu of links that I read every day. Inside you will find other links that I use from time to time or find interesting for one reason or another.


Slashdot is a good place to catch the buzz on the latest computer happenings. The comment system is subject to the hysteria of the masses so bring a lot of grains of salt.

Linux Weekly News is the best place for the latest Linux information. Unfortunately, they have long ago moved to a subscription system that delays getting the news unless you pay for it. Still it has good articles not found anywhere else.

For a Vulture's Eye View, look into the Register. Insightful and biting, they don't hold anything back.


CNN is a must. Although thin at times, it covers the main things.

Google News has more variety of sources and many times gives a more international outlook.

The Financial Times of London is a good place to get an alternate view on the world from a mainstream perspective.

Seattle is the closest big city so KOMO TV is my source for "local" news. Sadly it is now owned by Sinclair.

For More Seattle views try:

Can't lose track of the Portland scene, so here is KATU News (Also a Sinclair property)